About PACE: Client Education

PACE is highly involved with BOMA and the creation of the Standards. Jody Resnick, PACE'S President has served on the BOMA Standards committee for 3+ Years, and has keen knowledge, and insight into the Standards. PACE has been contacted quite often in regards to these standards, and with the new BOMA 2010 Standards being released PACE has started offering Client Education.

PACE can meet with you to explain the process of having your property Measured, and the importance of having these Calculations. PACE will also explain the advantages, and disadvantages to updating your Property to the BOMA standard. This can be done as a "Lunch and Learn" , Managers Meeting, via Webinar or one-on-one.

Having the knowledge of how the Standards work, and are applied will not only help you lease, and sell space, but guard against any legal issues that might arise with Tenant conflicts. Contact Pace Today to setup an Education Event.

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