In its third generation, the company has its roots deep in the commercial real estate industry.  

Established in 1984, PACE is the leader in the evolution of computer-based Square Footage Calculations, Building Measurement, As-Built Floor Plans and Building Data/Lease Information Management.  We coined the name Space Accounting as an overall description of our focus.

At PACE our main focus is Building Measurements and Drawing Creation. We don't work as architects or designers. WE MEASURE and DRAW BUILDINGS. Our priority is making sure our numbers are accurate and true, and that they are backed by the latest technology with the highest accuracy. We firmly believe that the square footage is only as good as the materials and knowledge they are based on. This is why we also serve and have served on the BOMA International Committees that develop the various measurement standards past and present.

We pride ourselves in being the go-to source for BOMA Area Calculations for the last 35+ YEARS. 


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