PACE provides its clients with in-depth BOMA Measurement Standard knowledge and experience to ensure every property’s square footage is maximized to the fullest.

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What are BOMA Measurement Standards?

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), created an ANSI-approved voluntary Building Measurement standard for all types of building measurements. The standards are created by a group of individual volunteers from various backgrounds who have formed a Committee for each measurement Standard. PACE has served on these various committees for over 30 Years.

Understanding these standards is crucial to ensuring buildings are consistently and accurately measured, which can affect the size of your property and its value.

Having in-depth BOMA Measurement Standard knowledge and 40 years of applying it to various property types gives PACE a distinct advantage in Building Measurement.

Official BOMA Standards Interpreter

BOMA Standards can be incredibly complex and continue to be updated year after year. As the standards change, the size of your building can also be affected—for better or worse. Various building types also present multiple questions or concerns.

Stay up to date and let PACE help interpret the standards correctly to ensure your building is measured with complete accuracy. PACE serves on the International BOMA Measurement Standards Committee to develop these standards while also acting as an Official Interpreter, giving you a unique insight into building measurements, and the confidence to utilize the BOMA Measurement Standards to optimize your square footage.

Laser-to-CAD and LIDAR Technology

As the go-to resource for Area Calculations, we use the latest Laser-to-CAD and LIDAR SLAM technology to conduct our Onsite Field Verification, guaranteeing your building measurements are 100% accurate.

Inaccurate Drawings = Inaccurate Building Measurements.

Current BOMA Measurement Standards

BOMA Office 2017 Method A or B (ANSI Z65.1)
BOMA Industrial 2019 (ANSI Z65.2)
BOMA Gross Area 2018 (ANSI Z65.3)
BOMA Multi-Unit Residential 2023 (ANSI Z65.4)
BOMA Retail 2020 (ANSI Z65.5)
BOMA Mixed-Use 2021 (ANSI Z65.6)

How It Works

BOMA measurement services begin by verifying the Property information and discussing BOMA Measurement options. Then timelines are discussed and aligned to ensure everyone is on the same page for delivery of the Building Measurement Report. Next, if requested a PACE team member conducts an onsite field verification visit to accurately measure your property and create or confirm your Drawings.

Then, we can prepare a desktop assessment of the created CAD drawings or existing documentation and prepare our Measurement based on the specific BOMA Measurement Standard Guidelines. Finally, Space Accounting Reports are created and reports are reviewed and implemented.

As the Building is leased, or potential leases are discussed, the BOMA report is utilized an updated to make sure all numbers stay current and optimized per BOMA Measurement Standards.


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