Space Accounting Reports

Receive a detailed report which can continue to be updated to accurately reflect any architectural changes and leasing updates to ensure your data stays compliant and secure.

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What is Space Accounting?

A term originally coined by PACE Compumetrics, Space Accounting Reporting provides a comprehensive review of your building’s available data and floor plans, accurately measures your space, and stores your building data.

All-in-One Solution

Managing your property’s data can be overwhelming. Measurements are often inaccurate, floor plans can be wrong, and tenant information can quickly become out of date, resulting in a lapse in compliance.

Keep track of all of your building information securely and efficiently with PACE’s Space Accounting services. Our Space Accounting Reports use a unique, fully-integrated database through which all floor plans, area calculation data, and tenant information are linked and managed in-house.

This ensures that your measurements stay in compliance and there are no changes to the square footage over the lifetime of the property, unless otherwise updated.

How It Works

Space Accounting Reports begins with a review of all available building data and floor plans. This collaborative process includes discussions and recommendations for the formula to be used for measurement such as BOMA, Real Estate Board of New York, etc., as well as the nuances of each building’s specific architecture (Office, Retail, Industrial, etc.).

Next, your building is measured using the recommended method, resulting in comprehensive floor plans and area calculations to accompany your custom Space Accounting Report. As changes to the building’s architecture or tenancy occur, your report can continually be updated to ensure you stay compliant.


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Whether you’re acquiring a new property and need meticulous measurements or need to re-evaluate your existing plans for accuracy, we put together a strategy to achieve your unique space planning objectives.


With our hands-on approach and cutting-edge tech, the PACE Compumetrics’ expert team arrives on site to deliver comprehensive measurements with accuracy and precision.

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