Acquisition & Due Diligence

Buy and sell properties quickly and confidently with PACE’s acquisition and due diligence services.

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Building Acquisition

Acquiring a new property comes with significant investment and risk. It can feel daunting to enter into the sales process not knowing whether the building measurements are truly accurate or not, thus affecting the value of the property.

Receive the clarity you’ve been looking for with PACE’s building acquisition measurement services. We thoroughly measure your building to uncover any discrepancies, ensure the square footage is represented accurately, and explain how each area is apportioned. We put the power back into your hands, allowing you to complete your acquisition with peace of mind.

Building Due Diligence

When selling a property, the accuracy of your building plans and square footage can make or break your sale. With limited time and the sale on the line, it’s crucial to avoid any discrepancies or risk losing the deal.

Avoid costly mistakes and ensure a fast and seamless sales process with PACE’s building due diligence services. Our comprehensive Space Accounting Reporting can increase the value of your property and ensure buyers have access to correct information, all while helping to expedite the sale.

How It Works

Acquisition and due diligence starts with verifying that all information provided is correct and timelines are aligned to ensure everyone is on the same page. Next an expert PACE team member conducts an onsite visit to accurately measure your property.

Next, we perform a field verification and/or desktop assessment of CAD drawings or existing documentation. From there, optional expedited reporting and evaluation can be done in stages, reducing the overall project timeline and associated costs.

Finally, Space Accounting Reports are created, a documentation analysis is conducted, and reports are reviewed and implemented.


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To get started, request a quote and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your unique measurement needs and how we can help you solve them.


Whether you’re acquiring a new property and need meticulous measurements or need to re-evaluate your existing plans for accuracy, we put together a strategy to achieve your unique space planning objectives.


With our hands-on approach and cutting-edge tech, the PACE Compumetrics’ expert team arrives on site to deliver comprehensive measurements with accuracy and precision.

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