As-Built Drawings

With our cutting-edge Laser-to-CAD and LIDAR SLAM technology, PACE provides accurate As-Built Drawings that provide valuable information and exceed expectations.

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What are As-Built Drawings?

As-Builts Drawings reflect the actual conditions of a building, site, or infrastructure that has been completed or partially completed.

As-Built Drawings are used to create drawings from scratch, compare the actual built project with the original plans, and ensure that the finished product meets the design specifications and requirements.

These drawings are also an important tool for tenant improvement work, making updates to records, demising wall confirmation, marketing/sales, and city/county/state assessments.

Accurate Survey System & Photo Mapping

Typical As-Built Drawings typically include architectural conditions such as walls, doors, windows, openings, stairs, fixed millwork, plumbing fixtures, and columns. However, with PACE’s state-of-the-art Laser-to-CAD and LIDAR SLAM Survey System, we can gather more detailed information about your property including:

  • Structural Elements
  • Elevations/Sections
  • Door/Window Schedules
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Utilities
  • Equipment
  • Finishes
  • Site Plans (i.e. Parking Striping, Curbs, Ramps, Landscaping)

We can also perform an As-Built Survey with Photo Mapping. This process attaches specific 2D and 3D photos to each floor plan in its respective space/area, in order to understand and visualize layouts. These interactive layouts include icons for each image on the Floor Plan/As-Built Layouts that allow a user to select the image and view that specific space or area.

How It Works

As-Built Drawings start with verifying that all information provided is correct and timelines are aligned to ensure everyone is on the same page. Next, we review the level of detail and accuracy needed to fit your specific requirements.

Then, an onsite field survey is conducted of your property utilizing Laser-to-CAD technology and any additional 3D Laser Scanning. From this process, PACE creates custom As-Built Drawings in the right file format for your needs (i.e. Revit, AutoCAD, etc.).


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