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PACE has been instrumental in the evolution of the Building Measurement Standards.  Serving on the BOMA International Standards Committee, which updates and maintains the many standards,  and acting as a BOMA Official Interpreter of the Standards, enables  PACE to provide its clients with an advantage based on our intimate knowledge of the standards. PACE's clients are better able to achieve their goals for measuring their properties and fully utilize every square foot.

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Current BOMA Standards

BOMA Office 2017 Method A or B (ANSI Z65.1)
BOMA Industrial 2019 (ANSI Z65.2)
BOMA Gross Area 2018 (ANSI Z65.3)
BOMA Multi-Unit Residential 2010 (ANSI Z65.4)
BOMA Retail 2020 (ANSI Z65.5)
BOMA Mixed-Use (ANSI Z65.6)

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